Furuno SS264W-50/20 Thru-Hull Fish Finder Transducer
Product Description
Airmar SS264 Housing Style Transducer

The low-profile design is perfect for fast, trailered, tournament, sport-fishing vessels that cannot
install a thru-hull with a high-performance fairing.

Since the beamwidths are the same for both SS264W-50 and SS264W-200 transducers, a
split-screen fishfinder display will clearly show the same water column and bottom coverage when
both transducers are connected. Fish will also appear as arches. More fish will be marked while
trolling or underway. At anchor, see which direction the baits and chum are flowing in the current.

The high-performance wide-beam ceramic elements are tilted inside the housings, which
compensates for your boats deadrise. This aims the beam straight toward the bottom, resulting in
strong echo returns and accurate depth readings.

Standard Features

* 50kHz w/ Diplexer and 10m cable
* Excellent fish detection in shallow to mid-water depths
* Wide 25° beamwidth
* 50kHz and 200 kHz transducers can be purchased as a pair for dual-frequency operation or
individually as single-frequency units
* No effect on your boats running performance
* Fixed 20° tilt to compensate for deadrise
* Low-profile design leaves no protrusions below the hull
* Interfaces to any 600 W or 1 kW sounder
* Built-in temperature sensor
Works with the following fish finders: